Our Services

We design and construct a variety of chimney systems for commercial
and residential buildings throughout the New York metro area.

Commercial & Industrial.

Jansons Associates has made a significant contribution to New York’s commercial exhaust systems. Our longstanding expertise in chimney construction, code conformance and good practice makes us an essential resource and a trusted source of knowledge throughout the industry. We’ve constructed exhaust systems for major airports, hospitals, stadiums, prisons, sewage treatment plants, and pharmaceutical plants, as well as bridges and tunnels. With such a broad clientele, each coming with their own individual concerns and unique challenges, we’ve built a strong reputation for safety, reliability and adaptability.

Residential & Hotel.

A prominent branch of our business is designing and building chimney systems for hotels and private residences. These systems include exhaust chimneys, boilers, flues, and fireplaces of every type, from classically traditional to ultra- modern. Our projects range from high-rise and luxury singlefamily apartments to public-sponsored housing and individual homes. Our systems live up to the highest critical standards, and substantially enhance a building’s market value